The Importance of Results

Case Study

Measuring Teeth Whitening ResultsWe illustrate this with a case study of one of our customers: This company has an inline store in a large mall in a city of 1,500,000 people and uses our Advanced Whitening Kit™. Anyone who has ever used our Advanced Whitening Kit will confirm that it gives the best results in the industry. (Note: Remember that this kit uses 16% hydrogen peroxide, the strongest gel in the beauty industry, and it is self-applied directly to the teeth while the customer wears a cheek retractor. Most of the local competitors used carbamide peroxide gels.)

Even though this company is in a high-traffic mall, the majority of their business is from referrals. Every mall in their city has had a teeth whitening kiosk or store, and they all closed down. We don’t want to scare you, but the economic slowdown hit teeth whitening, and if you were not giving great results and generating a lot of referrals, you could not succeed in a mall.

The owner of the company says that people showed up at his store all the time and complained about the results they obtained at kiosks in other malls. He would tell them to have a seat and that if they were not completely satisfied with their results, that the treatment would be free. So far, every single customer invited to have a seat gladly paid for their teeth whitening treatment.

This company’s first kiosk had over 200 customers a month and now the company is taking over the kiosks that closed down in the other malls. If you are going to set up a kiosk in a mall and you don’t use the Beaming White System, you will probably fail because you need referrals and you may not get them without our system and our advice. You can make a lot of money with a kiosk, but you have to do it right.

When you become our business customer, we share the secrets of this company’s success with you, and we do everything we can to help you succeed.

Beware of “Fast-White” Claims

Beware of promises for “15-minute” teeth whitening. The results from “Fast-White” systems or those claiming such results are always poor compared to those of professional systems that use 2-3 teeth whitening sessions. If you have ever whitened your teeth, you will know that you see some results after one session, but this is mostly just the “pores” of the teeth opening up and the effects are not long lasting. You really should do 2-3 sessions of professional teeth whitening to get the best and longer lasting results. Each “session” equals 10-20 minutes of 16% H2O2 gel and the Futura 2400 teeth whitening light. Here’s how it works:

1st Session: Opens the pores of the enamel allowing the whitening gel to penetrate the teeth but very little if any whitening occurs.

2nd Session: Gel is able to quickly penetrate tooth enamel now that the pores are open and some visible whitening will occur.

3rd Session: Maximum whitening results are achieved during the third session.

This is because the bleaching agent takes time to travel through the enamel of your teeth to bleach the stained dentin below. The dentin gives your teeth the natural bone or white color you see. That’s what you really want to whiten. When you do only one whitening session you are really just whitening the enamel and the results won’t be that long lasting. If you take the time to do the teeth whitening process properly, with two to three 15 minute sessions with a professional system, you will whiten the dentin correctly and get the best teeth whitening results that will last for a long time.


Start Teeth Whitening In 5 Easy Steps

Teeth whitening is a great business opportunity: it is in big demand, has generous profit margins, low overhead, and low start up costs. If you’re already in the beauty industry, it’s the perfect add-on service. Here’s how to start a teeth whitening business in 5 easy steps…


Talk to one of our teeth whitening business consultants for help choosing your business model and ordering supplies.
Call (866) 944-8315 M-F 8-6 PST.


Your business consultant will help you place your first order and register as a business customer on our website. Once your registration is approved, you will be able to reorder supplies online and have access to training and marketing materials.


Go through our training program and do some treatments on your friends / family so that you become comfortable with the procedure.


You may be doing on-site treatments or working out of a kiosk, office, or salon. We’ll help you with everything you need to set up shop.


Get your marketing materials in place. We can help with a website, flyers and brochures, business cards, and local marketing techniques. Tell all your friends and family. Announce your grand opening and start accepting clients and making money!

Starting a teeth whitening business is as easy as pie! Your #1 key to long term success is providing fantastic whitening results. This is ensured when you use the Beaming White System. Aside from that, your next keys to success are no different from any other business – effective marketing and management.


Foods & Drinks That Can Harm Your Teeth

Maintaining Your Smile Banner_flattenedNow that you’ve achieved the Beaming White smile you’ve been hoping for (with a Deluxe Home Whitening Kit, of course!), you may be asking yourself: “What steps do I take to keep my teeth looking this bright and healthy?” Brushing and flossing daily is the obvious answer, but have you ever considered the fact that some of the food or beverages that you consume throughout the day might be harming your new smile?

The White Diet

To maintain your bright new smile, it’s very important to pay attention to the foods you’re consuming and their effect on your enamel, especially 24-48 hours after a teeth whitening treatment.

After each teeth whitening treatment, the pores of your enamel are open. This makes them extra vulnerable to stains, often caused by the foods and beverages you consume. Check out our Best Teeth Whitening Tips blog post to read more about what to avoid immediately after a teeth whitening treatment.

Maintaining a Long-Lasting Smile: What To Avoid

After the 24-48 hour period, your enamel is far less vulnerable to stains. However, in order to keep your smile looking bright and healthy for the long haul, it’s important to consider which stain-causing items might be affecting the overall health of your teeth. Provided below is a list of foods and drinks that tend to stain and erode teeth over time:

Citrus Fruit

Orange juice and other citrus fruits and juices contain a valuable amount of vitamin C and other nutrients, making them good for you in many ways. However, citrus fruit is very acidic, particularly grapefruit and lemon juice, and can erode tooth enamel over time. Can’t go without your morning OJ? Don’t fret! There are many varieties of teeth-friendly orange juice out there that are also fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

Candy: Chewy & Hard types

Chewy candy can stick to teeth in places that are hard to reach by brushing or flossing. Bacteria feasts on sugar in order to produce acid, which dissolves the protective layer of tooth enamel and causes cavities.

Hard candy doesn’t stick as easily as chewy candy, but it can still cause damage to your teeth in other ways. Hard candy doesn’t usually wash away easily, which causes it to dissolve slowly and saturate your mouth. This gives bacteria more time to produce harmful acid and damage your teeth.


You either love em’ or hate em’. For those of you who love pickles, this news might be a little disappointing. The vinegar used in the pickling process is harmful to tooth enamel and can cause serious erosion over time. According to, eating pickles more than once a day increases the odds of tooth erosion by about 85%.

Soda & Sports Drinks

After describing the harmful effects of sugary candy, it’s no surprise that the sugar found in soda and sports drinks can also harm the enamel of your teeth. Many people aren’t aware that the carbonation found in soda and some sports drinks can cause even more harm to your teeth than sugar.

If you can’t quit soda, then the best advice is to drink it during a meal. The food will help neutralize acid, which in turn will be far less harmful to your teeth.

Coffee, Tea & Wine

Most know that coffee, tea, and wine can easily stain teeth, just like they would stain a white carpet if spilled. However, other factors cause these beverages to be a enemy to your enamel.

The tannins in wine and some tea dry out the mouth and make your teeth sticky, which worsens the staining effect. Both red and white wines contain erosive acid, allowing stains from other foods or drinks to penetrate more deeply into your dentin, which is the layer underneath your transparent enamel that actually gives your tooth it’s color. For those of you who can’t get enough of your coffee, keep this in mind: studies show that coffee stains appear to be more persistent than tobacco stains!


Who knew that a something so ordinary could cause so much damage? Crackers may seem harmless, but many are actually loaded with refined carbohydrates, which convert to sugar quickly. As you know by now, sugar leads to bacteria, which causes cavities and enamel erosion. Enjoy crackers in moderation, but be sure to brush thoroughly afterwards!

Wrap It Up

We all take care of the things we value in our lives; whether it be a your car, home, stamp collection, neighbor’s toaster, etc. Well… shouldn’t this include your teeth too? Keep your smile healthy and bright by avoiding problematic foods and beverages, and as always, keep your smile beaming white!


How to Use Remineralizing Gel

RemineralizingGel-765x217You only get one chance at keeping your tooth enamel happy and healthy – once it’s been worn away, it’s gone forever! Keep your tooth enamel strong and resilient with a remineralizing gel product, such as the Minerals Enamel Booster pen, available in our online shop.

What is Remineralizing Gel?

Remineralizing gel is a fluoride, potassium nitrate, calcium-phosphate and mineral-infused gel that has been engineered to replenish essential minerals to tooth enamel that has lost some of its micro-hardness due to acidic foods and beverages, a teeth whitening treatment, or has naturally degraded over time. In addition, the potassium nitrate found in remineralizing gel is also used to reduce and eliminate any tooth sensitivity. The gel is natural, vegan-friendly, easy to apply, and tastes delicious!

How Do I Use Remineralizing Gel?

If you purchased a high-quality home teeth whitening kit, chances are that it includes some sort of remineralizing gel, as well as thermoforming mouth trays. If so, all you need to do is fill your teeth whitening trays with the remineralizing gel (as you would with the teeth whitening gel) after completely finishing your entire teeth whitening treatment, pop the trays into your mouth, and that’s it! If you have an individual Minerals remineralizing pen, all you need to do is twist the bottom of the pen until you see the gel at the top of the applicator, and brush the remineralizing gel directly onto your teeth. If you want to make sure you cover every tooth with the remineralizing gel, and dont want any of the gel to be wiped off by your lips or cheeks, we recommend you use a Cheek Retractor during the process, for maximum remineralizing results.

When Should I Use Remineralizing Gel?

You should use remineralizing gel in any situation where you feel that your enamel might need a bit of a boost, whether it is to alleviate tooth sensitivity, or to help strengthen and seal your enamel from stain-causing foods and drinks. Over time, highly acidic foods and drinks (such as orange juice, sports drinks, raspberries, etc.) can soften your enamel, which leaves your teeth much more susceptible to stains. Fight back with remineralizing gel, and reclaim your hard, long-lasting tooth enamel!


The New Face of Light Therapy: Futura Face


The Futura Face light therapy machine is designed to tackle many different skin ailments including skin redness and acne, while also promoting cell regeneration and anti-aging processes, and whitening your teeth. Here’s the best part – it’s a completely hands-free option for you and your customers, so they still get the results they want, while you can focus on another client! With the Futura Face, your skin is soothed back to health via 8 different light wavelengths, each of which has its own properties. Additionally, the Futura Face has 8 different facial area choices, depending on what part(s) of the face you want to target. Each light wavelength benefits your face in it’s own way:


Reverses signs of aging with multiple anti-aging benefits, including the stimulation of collagen production.


Revitalizes skin, typically used in the treatment of shallow-depth skin conditions such as spider veins.


Reduces the appearance of skin redness, swelling, and skin inflammation from ailments such as rosacea and sunburn.


Promotes calmness, brightens skin, and reduces inflammation and hyper-pigmentation.


Promotes healing by fortifying other treatments, reduces the appearance of capillaries, and calms skin irritation.


Reduces and treats active acne, while also whitening your teeth at the same time.


Increases cell regeneration.


Results booster. Used to enhance the results from red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, and purple light wave treatments.

As you can see, the Futura Face is an up-and-coming game changer in the beauty industry. With a tiny footprint (less than 2 sq. ft.), any spa, salon, boutique or dental office of any size can spare the room for this profit-making machine. With so many beneficial light therapy treatments from just one Futura Face, you can keep it busy all day long with 2-3 sessions per hour. Your investment could be paid for in just a matter of days!

To learn more about the Futura Face and other Beaming White professional products, please call us at (360) 635–5600, or toll-free at (866) 944-8315. Too busy to talk? No problem! Fill out a Quick Contact Form here, and we will touch base with you within 1 business day.