DealSnapt – Affordable Mobile Marketing for Your Whitening Business?

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Dealsnapt for Teeth Whitening?

DealSnapt is a new mobile marketing platform currently on a viral explosion in the Sacramento, California area. Local merchants are snapping up DealSnapt and local consumers are snapping their deals. If you offer teeth whitening as a service, then you are a local business. For a low monthly fee, merchants connect with and engage consumers via deals that are snapt over their mobile phones. It’s no longer e-commerce, folks, it’s m-commerce!

How is DealSnapt Doing in YOUR Area?

It does not appear that DealSnapt is flourishing in other US geo-markets yet, though, but if Sacramento is any indication, then it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when” they will be burgeoning in every major US metropolitan area. We recommend that you ask how many impressions DealSnapt has in your local area before you sign up with them. In the Sacramento area, they currently are getting 2 million impressions per month and growing!

Why Local Merchants Seem to Love DealSnapt

Sacramento area merchants love DealSnapt because of the low, fixed monthly cost, the ROI, how easy it is to use, and the increased exposure their businesses are getting.  DealSnapt has a user-friendly web-based control panel where you create your deals in four simple steps and can see how well your deal is doing.

Just $36.95 a Month

While the Beaming White System gives you the RESULTS you need to succeed in your teeth whitening business, we can’t do your marketing for you. And that’s the second most important thing you need to succeed: effective marketing. For just $36.95/month, DealSnapt could be a great way for you to get the word out to consumers in your area, increase your exposure, and get more sales.

DealSnapt vs Groupon

While Groupon gives you a massive audience, they also want you to discount your services 50% or more AND they take 50% of more of your discounted price, leaving you to try to make a profit on 25% of your usual price. This is not really sustainable for most small, local service-oriented businesses, like teeth whitening. Offering 50% off via a DealSnapt deal, you just might get a bunch of new customers while keeping all of that 50% for yourself, instead of giving half of it to Groupon. For sustainability, your job would be to keep your new customers coming back by giving them great results and great customer service.

Feedback Requested

We don’t know how well DealSnapt will work for teeth whitening. It probably depends upon a lot of variables like how many DealSnapt app users are in your area, your deal, your price, your discount, your business website, your reviews, etc.

If anyone has tried DealSnapt, please let us know how it went for you. You can use the comment form, below, or you can talk to your teeth whitening expert about it.









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