How to Mold Home Whitening Trays to Your Teeth

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how to mold teeth whitening trays
It’s very important to carefully follow the instructions for how to mold the thermoforming home whitening trays to your teeth. The process can be tricky but it’s easy if you pay attention to the following tips. We also prepared a video (at the end of this post) that shows you how to mold your trays.

You’ll need:

  • one set of thermoform (boil-n-bite) whitening trays
  • something to boil some water in
  • small scissors

Step One:

First you’re going to boil some water. Then remove the water from the heat. Next, hold one tray by the tab and immerse the tray into the hot water for about 5 seconds.

IMPORTANT: As soon as the tray starts to wilt, remove it from the water.

Step Two:

Making sure the sides of the tray do not fold over, position the tray over your upper teeth and then bite down. Don’t worry, it won’t burn.

Firmly press the tray against the front of your teeth with your fingers and at the same time, press the tray against the back of your teeth with your tongue. Leave the tray on your teeth for about 10 seconds, and then remove.

You should see an impression of your teeth in the front part of the tray.

Step Three:

Using small scissors, trim the trays around the gum line (if needed) and cut off the tab.

Step Four:

Repeat the entire process for the bottom set of teeth.

Watch this Video:

You are now ready to start whitening your teeth!

For complete instructions on how to use our Deluxe Home Whitening Kit with thermoform whitening trays, click HERE.


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