The New Face of Light Therapy: Futura Face

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The Futura Face light therapy machine is designed to tackle many different skin ailments including skin redness and acne, while also promoting cell regeneration and anti-aging processes, and whitening your teeth. Here’s the best part – it’s a completely hands-free option for you and your customers, so they still get the results they want, while you can focus on another client! With the Futura Face, your skin is soothed back to health via 8 different light wavelengths, each of which has its own properties. Additionally, the Futura Face has 8 different facial area choices, depending on what part(s) of the face you want to target. Each light wavelength benefits your face in it’s own way:


Reverses signs of aging with multiple anti-aging benefits, including the stimulation of collagen production.


Revitalizes skin, typically used in the treatment of shallow-depth skin conditions such as spider veins.


Reduces the appearance of skin redness, swelling, and skin inflammation from ailments such as rosacea and sunburn.


Promotes calmness, brightens skin, and reduces inflammation and hyper-pigmentation.


Promotes healing by fortifying other treatments, reduces the appearance of capillaries, and calms skin irritation.


Reduces and treats active acne, while also whitening your teeth at the same time.


Increases cell regeneration.


Results booster. Used to enhance the results from red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, and purple light wave treatments.

As you can see, the Futura Face is an up-and-coming game changer in the beauty industry. With a tiny footprint (less than 2 sq. ft.), any spa, salon, boutique or dental office of any size can spare the room for this profit-making machine. With so many beneficial light therapy treatments from just one Futura Face, you can keep it busy all day long with 2-3 sessions per hour. Your investment could be paid for in just a matter of days!

To learn more about the Futura Face and other Beaming White professional products, please call us at (360) 635–5600, or toll-free at (866) 944-8315. Too busy to talk? No problem! Fill out a Quick Contact Form here, and we will touch base with you within 1 business day.


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  1. Hi, I am a beauty therapist & am interested in the the facial light therapy lamp & teeth whitening. How much does this cost for this package shipped to New Zealand thanks.

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