Why Should I Use a Cheek Retractor?

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If you use a cheek retractor with your teeth whitening pen, you will get better, whiter results!

Whiten More of Your Teeth:

While using a teeth whitening pen (like a Forever White pen), you can maximize the amount of teeth you can effectively reach by using a cheek retractor. Compared to just smiling naturally and painting on the whitening gel, a cheek retractor pulls your cheeks and lips up and away, allowing you easier access to more of your teeth. The more teeth you can reach, the more teeth you can whiten!

Prevent Saliva From Washing Away Your Whitening Gel:

You will want to keep your teeth as dry as possible while you apply the whitening gel, in order to ensure maximum whitening results. Using a cheek retractor will reduce the chance of saliva or your lips accidentally washing or wiping away the whitening gel from your teeth.

Get Maximum Uses Out of Your Whitening Pen:

While you’re waiting for your whitening gel to dry, it can be somewhat difficult to keep your cheeks and lips away from the surfaces of your teeth. By using a cheek retractor, you can make sure that the whitening gel you purchased is actually used to whiten your teeth, and isn’t wasted on your cheeks or lips! This effectively maximizes the number of whitening gel applications you get out of your teeth whitening pen.

You Can Use a Stronger Whitening Gel:

Since teeth whitening trays and teeth whitening strips tend to cover a larger area of your teeth, spillage onto and over your gums is unavoidable. This is one of the main reasons why teeth whitening trays and strips come with a more diluted whitening gel, as stronger gels can lead to increased sensitivity and irritation during a whitening session. By using a cheek retractor and teeth whitening pen, you can ensure that all the whitening gel is applied only to your teeth, and not your gums. This enables you to use a stronger teeth whitening gel, which in turn will give you whiter teeth in a shorter amount of time!


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